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Mia’s Math: How 80 Farms Added Up to $72 Billion in Estate Tax Bull [Commentary]

If you've ever wondered why Rep. Mia Love works so hard at avoiding questions, it may just be because of her answers.

Congresswoman Love was called out for one of those answers today in an editorial published in the Salt Lake Tribune. In a rare, closed-door meeting in November, Love defended a $72 billion tax giveaway to America's wealthiest households with baffling logic.

“The estate tax ... I have a lot of rural farmers ... I have a lot of people that that really affects them. The philosophy to me is that when a family works really hard, and they look like they’ve got a lot of land, and it looks like they’ve got a lot of equipment but they’re cash poor ... I met a family that has never taken a vacation ever. There’s nobody there that they can hire that can take care of their cattle.”

By suggesting (somewhat incoherently) that farming families suffer more from estate tax laws, Rep. Love showed why she keeps her answers to herself.

Only 80 farms in all of America faced paying the tax in 2017, with laws already on the books to protect farming estates even further.

Read more about Mia Love's $72 billion giveaway to the rich in the full Tribune editorial, written by Andrew Graft, entitled "Mia Love’s funny farm math equals a barnful of bull."

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