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Top 10 Questions Dodged by Rep. Mia Love in Tele-Townhall Ploy

On Tuesday, October 24, Rep. Mia Love hosted her first conference-call style meeting in seven months. Billed as a "Telephone Town Hall Meeting," the session's format enabled Love to avoid a long list of questions that Utah's CD4 Coalition (CD4C) believe should be answered publicly.

The following represents 10 questions (of many) that CD4C members waited on hold to ask but were unable to pose directly to the Congresswoman:

  1. On August 10, the Deseret News published that – at that time – you had not held a public town hall meeting in 628 days. Since then, that number has grown to more than 700 days, or almost two years. Why should voters continue to have confidence in you when you appear to have no confidence in them?

  2. You [Rep. Love] have said in the past you believe the executive branch has a history of overstepping its authority in legislative matters. Where do you stand on President Trump's efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act by threatening to pull subsidies, rolling back birth control mandates and rewriting rules to entice healthy people away from the system? Do you support his actions, given that you yourself voted to strip millions of Americans of coverage under the ACA?

  3. Do you know that a majority of Americans favor keeping the ACA? If the majority of your constituents supported keeping the ACA, would you change your stance?

  4. What do you think of President Trump’s tweets threatening to revoke the license of NBC and other media outlets who criticize him? Do you believe it is an appropriate use of power, or is it a direct threat to the First Amendment, which the president is sworn to uphold?

  5. On September 17, President Trump retweeted an animated image of him striking Hillary Clinton with a golf ball. Do you support this behavior from the President?

  6. Given your membership in the Climate Solutions Caucus, how do you feel about the administration’s removal of climate change information from government affiliated websites? How do you feel about the decimation of agencies charged with protecting the environment and rolling back environment protection regulations to levels they were decades ago?

  7. You voted for the Make America Secure and Prosperous Appropriations Act. The act included, among other cuts, cuts to the EPA. Considering the poor quality of Utah’s air, why did you vote for this?

  8. Do you believe the aggressive and insulting approach Donald Trump has taken with Kim Jong Un and North Korea is in America’s best interests?

  1. On Sunday, October 22, nearly every woman of the Congressional Black Caucus signed a public statement denouncing a false accusation made by Chief of Staff John Kelly towards your colleague Rep. Federica Wilson. You however did not sign the statement. Why not? Is it because General Kelly is answers to the president and you are unwilling to speak truth to power?

  2. When will you hold a public town hall meeting? Until you do, these carefully staged conference calls only serve to underscore your fear of accountability and the constituents you represent.

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