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Rep. Mia Love Supports Corporate Donors, Not Citizens, In Support of Tax Reform Plan [Commentary]

"Corporations do not hire people because they have spare cash. No well-run business has a single employee more than is needed, regardless of how much profit the company has."

This excerpt is taken from an editorial published in today's Salt Lake Tribune by CD4 Coalition member Alicia Smith. In her essay, Smith makes a case for why cutting taxes on corporations -- as proposed under the recently released House tax reform plan -- is both flawed and historically disproved at best, and evidence of the GOP's subservience to their corporate donors at worst.

The GOP tax reform plan was first introduced to Fourth Congressional District constituents in Rep. Mia Love's October 24 conference call, previously denounced by the CD4C as a "public relations tactic designed to avoid accountability."

And avoid accountability the Congresswoman did.

During the so-called "tele-townhall," Love successfully avoided answering a number of questions that Coalition members waited on hold to ask. Smith's question about Love's support of corporate taxes was among them. Click here to read Smith's editorial in its entirety, entitled "Rep. Love Offers Taxation with Reverse Representation."

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