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CD4 Voters Reject Rep. Mia Love's Conference Calls in Favor of Town Halls [Press Release]

On Tuesday, October 24 at 6 p.m., Rep. Mia Love will host her first conference-call style meeting in over seven months. Billed by Love as a "Telephone Town Hall Meeting," the session is more likely to be a public relations tactic designed to avoid accountability, according to Utah's CD4 Coalition (CD4C) -- a grassroots alliance of voters from Utah's Fourth Congressional District.

"CD4 constituents have called on the Congresswoman for a true town hall meeting since the 2016 election," said Katie Matheson, Chair of the CD4C. "In that time, Rep. Love has appeared only in venues where she can manage her political image and minimize public criticism."

Rep. Love announced the meeting in an email three days prior to the event. According to the invitation, the call will focus primarily on tax reform.

The CD4C Chair expressed concerns that the event's stated focus on tax reform could discourage discussion of other issues -- such as Love's vote in favor of the American Healthcare Act, which would have stripped healthcare coverage from thousands of CD4 families.

Matheson spoke out against Love's avoidance of public accountability in an August 12 editorial appearing in the Salt Lake Tribune, writing "[Love] faces an insistent and increasingly vocal sector of her constituency...who are disgusted with her implicit support of President Trump and angry that she voted [to repeal the Affordable Care Act]. If she cannot face her constituents in a situation where we, not she, control the narrative, then she does not deserve to sit in our seat in Congress."

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