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CD4 Coalition Challenges Rep. Mia Love to Protect Dreamers of DACA [Press Release]

In the wake of President Trump's order to no longer protect aspiring undocumented youths from deportation, the CD4 Coalition called on Rep. Mia Love to publicly support the Dream Act of 2017.

"Tearing families apart is not an American value," said Katie Matheson, chair of Utah's CD4 Coalition. "And yet, by ending the program commonly known as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), that is exactly the prospect thousands of our Utah friends, neighbors and co-workers now face."

Beginning September 8th, the CD4 Coalition will host a "DACA Friday to Friday Phone Marathon", during which Utah voters will call their members of congress daily to urge them to defend DACA beneficiaries and support the DREAM Act.

If passed, the bipartisan Dream Act will grant protected immigrant status to DACA beneficiaries, providing they still meet DACA requirements. The bill will also provide them with a clear set of steps and milestones over several years to achieve permanent resident status and, eventually, apply for citizenship.

Without the protections afforded by the Dream Act, all DACA beneficiaries -- over 10,000 in Utah alone and 800,000 nationwide -- will be subject to deportation after March 4, 2018.

"As a nation of immigrants, we believe we only become stronger when we welcome those who share the same dream of a better America, just as we do," said Matheson. "We challenge the Congresswoman, herself a proud daughter of immigrant parents, to join us in this cause and voice her support for this important legislation."

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