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Mia Love Silences Constituents by Limiting Access [Commentary]

Keeping conversation to a minimum has been one of the defining characteristics of Mia Love's tenure as Utah Congresswoman. Some believe that it is in fact the core of her reelection strategy: remain a quiet conservative in one of America's most right-leaning states and the local faithful will rubber-stamp their approval every two years like clockwork.

After all, no news is good news, right?

Unfortunately, this strategy has manifested itself in Rep. Love's repeated refusal to hold public townhall meetings, allowing her to elude accountability from constituents who are dissatisfied with her silence AND her performance.

Angry townhall meetings in other districts gave Love her first excuse not to appear in public: vocal dissenters dominate townhall dialogue. Then came the June 14 shootings targeting Republicans at a Congressional baseball practice, which the Congresswoman used to justify limiting access even further.

On August 12, 2017, CD4C Chair Katie Matheson spoke out against Love's slippery approach to public accountability in an editorial appearing in the Salt Lake Tribune. Click to read the full story, entitled "Commentary: The de facto silencing of Mia Love's constituents."

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