It began in the morning hours of November 9, 2016.

We awoke to the stunned realization that what we thought we knew about our country, we didn't.

We felt betrayed by our fellow citizens for choosing chaos over leadership. We felt sick that global compassion and diplomacy would soon be replaced by walls of fear and hate. We felt outrage that political stonewalling had succeeded in keeping a rightful Supreme Court nominee from taking his seat on America's highest judicial bench.

But most of all, we felt regret. Regret that we had remained mostly silent for over a generation, sitting blithely on the sidelines while others fought to preserve the values we thought were self-evident.

So in the aftermath of the 2016 election, concerned citizens from throughout Utah's Congressional District 4 began seeking solace in the presence of others who felt the same. It was then we discovered just how many of us we really are.

And the rest -- as they say -- is history. The CD4 Coalition was born.



To elect progressive candidates who will stand for our values, and hold elected officials accountable, at all levels of government in Utah's 4th Congressional District.


At the CD4C, we care about all issues that impact friends, neighbors and family living throughout our community. Our highest priorities, however, are ones that we believe are most in need of urgent and immediate action.



We believe access to adequate healthcare is a right that belongs to everyone, not a privilege granted solely to those with the means to afford it. We support healthcare solutions that make such access both universal and affordable.



The science is clear. The time for action is now. We must find a way to halt rising temperatures, rising particulate levels and rising seas -- all of which represent potentially catastrophic risks to our planet.



Our greatness as a people has long been founded in our historic embrace of diversity, and we support policies that deliver a reasonable path to legalization for undocumented immigrants. We also welcome new immigrants ready to help build an even greater future for America.



We believe in the power of education to produce a better, more informed democracy and higher standards of living for all. Therefore, we support the prioritization of a robust, well-funded public education system available throughout our neighborhoods and communities.



To us, access to the voting booth is synonymous with liberty. Without one, we cannot have the other. We denounce any and all efforts to undermine our nation's free and fair elections, or otherwise circumvent the representative spirit of our democracy. Citizen's United, gerrymandering and all forms of voter suppression must end.



When we speak to the elected officials of today and listen to the leaders of tomorrow, these are the values we in the CD4 Coalition hold dear. We believe we are ALL better off when...

We Practice Peacefulness and Respect for Privacy

We believe nonviolence is the most courageous path forward and it will always be central to Coalition efforts. We believe candidates and public officials have the same right to safety and privacy as anyone else. All CD4C’s interactions with candidates and public officials will be peaceful and honor their (and their family’s) right to privacy. We don’t attack people, we solve problems.

We Engage in Open-Minded Collaboration

We welcome any volunteer/member who is willing to work toward CD4C’s vision and mission. We do not have to agree 100% on all the issues to work alongside one another. Political affiliation of Coalition members and volunteers is a non-factor.

We Lead with Compassion and Listen First

We believe every individual is made up of all their life experiences and have formed their worldview, values, and beliefs based on those experiences. With that in mind, we engage others with compassion and strive to listen and understand first.

We Enfranchise All Voices

We strive to provide a platform or all CD4 residents, including those within socioeconomic and racial/ethnic groups that have been historically disenfranchised from the democratic process.

We Are Citizens of the World

We think globally and act locally. We believe there is more that unites us as human beings than divides us by borders. We must be good stewards of the earth we all share.

We Support the Democratic Process

We believe that civic engagement is crucial for Democracy to thrive. We the people are one of the levers helping to keep power in check and in balance. And we embrace the reality that Democracy is hard and therefore, we must at times accept incremental progress in our society.

We Welcome and Embrace Immigrants

Tearing families apart is not an American value. We are a nation of immigrants and will only be stronger by continuing to welcome those yearning to breathe free, while embracing those who are already living here as our neighbors.

We Vote

We believe voting is a fundamental civic duty that should be exercised by all who are eligible. It is the government's role to ensure and protect voter access. Any attempt by the government, or any entity, to hinder free and fair elections is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our society.